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catching the early morning light

These artworks depict some of London's finest architectural gems. The material I use is cherry veneered MDF,

in order to give the buildings a soft, organic appearance. To contrast with the natural grain of the wood surface, the backgrounds are constructed from high gloss Perspex, which provides a splash of pure saturated colour.

The wood is left untreated and so it changes in colour and character over time; beginning as a light pinkish colour, it eventually matures into a rich reddish brown tone.

Each artwork is painstakingly constructed by hand at my studio in South London. But before I reach this stage, I produce very detailed drawings of each building.

I begin by visiting the building and taking as many photos as possible, and getting a feel for the size, scale and character of the building.

I combine my own photos with photos sourced online, until I have enough material on which to base the drawings. I use Adobe Illustrator to create the drawings. Each drawing normally takes between 4-8 weeks, depending on complexity. When the drawing is reaching its final phase, I will create a small scale model in order to check how the 3D-effect layering will work.

Once the drawing is finalised, I have to prepare it for the laser cutting and engraving stage. Each line has

to be colour coded, so the laser cutting machine knows which lines to cut, and which lines to engrave.

Any mistakes here can prove expensive!

The drawings are then sent to the laser cutter to be cut from huge sheets of veneered MDF, and where necessary, Perspex too.

The laser cut parts are returned in a bag with protective tape covering all surfaces. Removing this tape from individual brick details is extremely time consuming.

The parts are then sanded, hand assembled and glued together to create the 3D-effect.

I also build the frames for each individual artwork.

chrysler building

ready to be assembled

The process I use is unique to me, and it took me a few years to develop and perfect the technique.

Although the artworks are labelled as editions, in reality each one is individual, as they are all hand made, so variations occur. The wood is also different on each artwork: shade, grain patterns and natural markings all vary across the pieces.

each piece bears the 4D Art signature plaque, and is individually signed and numbered

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