STEVE FORDE is a commercial artist and designer who lives in South London. He studied fine art and design before going on to specialise as a graphic designer. After an extensive career as a designer in the media industry, including a number of years as a creative director for the BBC, he now divides his time between his art, freelance work as a design consultant, and designing interiors.

"As a designer I am obsessed with detail, technique and quality of finish. In these artworks I have married this obsession with my lifelong passion for architectural form, line and detail. The results are striking, detailed pieces that reinterpret complex architectural forms into warm, wall-friendly art."


Steve Forde, 4D Art


"Wow! The pieces are outstanding. From your files, and the bits I see

come off the machine gives me a little bit of an idea of what they

would look like - but seeing them assembled with the perspex in

place, is just incredible. We are honoured to be involved with this

- a huge well done to you. Great website too!"


Kim, Manager, Cutlasercut